Thursday, August 14, 2014

St. Gallen, Switzerland

St. Gallen, Switzerland 08.2014

The city of St.Gallen with its Abbey District (UNESCO World Heritage site) is the center of eastern Switzerland.  "The tourist destination St.Gallen-Lake Constance contains 32 different municipalities reaching from St.Gallen’s Lake Constance shoreline to the beginning of the rolling foothills of the Alps and the St.Gallen Rhine Valley." A beautiful summer destination where you can enjoy the sun and the Alps :)) A little tip- you might want to book a hotel on the German side of the border, prices tend to be lower than on the Swiss side.  From Konstanz, where we booked our hotel, it takes about an hour with the Sbahn and the ticket costs around 28 Euro for a round trip. You can either switch Sbahn no. S8 in Kreuzlingen for S14 or walk directly to the station and get on S14 to St Gallen. The two cities/countries are not really separated by a custom office or just walk back and forth between two countries. How cool is that? Keine Grenze!  The scenery is really awesome, cows, greeeeeeen, blueee water, just countryside.  I LUV Milka ;))

Have you ever been to St  Gallen ? If you were, what do you think of  their German? isn`t it a bit funny? or maybe it`s just me and the German I`m used to hear in NRW?? :))

Here is the official site of  St. Gallen:

and the Swiss Railway official site

And some pictures :))

                                                                   The Post Office

                                                 The Abbey UNESCO World Heritage site

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