Sunday, August 24, 2014

Japanese hamba-gu with a twist of cheese and milk

Today I craved for japanese hamburger/hamba-gu. The japanese version of a hamburger comes without a bun and it is served with rice, veggies and a gravy /sauce. After a litlle research, on different blogs and some You Tube channels, I came up with something pretty delicious. The recipe is very easy and it makes up a pretty well balanced meal!  both me and my husband ate everything in a few minutes!!
This is how it looks like. I still have to work on the presentation / ;)) pls bear with me, I`ll get better.

-500 gr minced meat (pork, beaf, mixed, chicken,etc) I used pork today, that`s all I had in my fridge
-2Tbs. milk
-200 gr bread crumbs
- salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste and 3cloves of garlig-smashed
- 1egg
- some flour to cover the burgers before you fry them
-1 or 2cups of water
-100 gr of cheese (gorgonzolla, ementaller, etc your favourite- one that is creamy and melts nicely)
-2 scallions-white part only or half onion
-50 gr butter
-2Tbs. tomato puree
-4Tbs. ketchup
-1Tbs soy sauce
-a pinch of sugar
-1Tbs red wine or Japanese sake if you have
1.  Boil your veggies (carrots, brocolli, potatoes, etc) and set aside.

2. Chop your onion and sautee until it`s soft and gold. Let it cool. Soak the bread crumbs in milk.

3. In a bowl mix your meat with salt, pepper, nutmeg , add the bread crumbs and the sauteed onion, mix well. Add the egg and mix again. Now make 2  meatballs with the cheese cubes in the middle, and put them in the fridge until you ready to cook.

4. Add butter to a fry pan  and sautee the onion, then add wine, soy sauce and sugar. Let it "boil" for 2minutes then on low heat add ketchup and  tomato puree, mix well , done!

5. Cover the meatballs in some flour and make sure you press them and they are about 2cm thick. In another fry pan, add some oil, when it`s hot add your burgers and fry on each side for 4 minutes then lower your heat and add about one- two cups of water, it depends on the size of your pan. The burgers should be half in water ;) when the water it`s gone, your hamburgers are done.


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