Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Bruxelle 2014
Bruxelle is a charming little city with a beautiful UESCO
World Heritage down town and some other sites. It takes a few hours on foot (we walked from the main station Bruxelle -Midi to all the sites , no bus, no cab, no bike) to visit the touristic sites and more. You even have plenty of time to stop for a waffle :)) a local specialty found everywhere in the city!! waffles and Belgian beer , I urge you to try these!! and let`s not forget the Belgian chocolate!  All in all it was a pleasant one day trip. We took the Thalys train that runs daily from Cologne main station to Bruxelle Midi. The ride is pretty short (1h40min -2h), direct and pleasant. If you book you ticket at least 2months in advance, you can take advantage of the reduced fares. The only little inconvenient is that Thalys tickets are not sold at the DB ticket centers anymore, you have to order it online or to go to Thalys Ticket Center in Cologne for example, if you live near. :))) we bought ours on the phone! easy and fast.
Abfahrt um06h44   08h4412h44
Ab65.00 €65.00 €65.00 €      Thalys
Köln Hbf Fr, 15.08.14 ab 07:43 7 ICE 18
Bruxelles-Midi Fr, 15.08.14 an 09:35 4
OR you can take the ICE,  a German train that runs daily as well and you can easily buy a ticket at every train station in Germany. They are as fast as Thalys and also safe but most of the times LATE!!!! so be careful when you choose your connections!! leave at least 30minutes in between.
Here are two links to both German Railway and  I hope you`ll enjoy Bruxelle and share some of your pictures with us ;))))